Kellstadt Graduate School of Business Correspondence

Please include the applicant's name, DePaul student ID number (if a student), date of birth, and program of interest on all admission correspondence. Necessary supporting documents and application fees should be sent to: 

Kellstadt Graduate School of Business
DePaul University 
1 E. Jackson Blvd., Suite 5300
Chicago, Illinois 60604-9983
(312) 362-8810

Learn more about Kellstadt Admission, including requirements.
Learn more about Kellstadt Tuition and Financial Aid.


Christa Hinton, Assistant Dean and Interim Director
Garry Cooke, Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Bill Coughlin, Associate Director of Recruiting
Jessica GagleAssistant Director of Recruiting
Ryan Martin, Assistant Director of Recruiting

Student Advising​


Kellstadt Academic ​Success Office

DePaul Center

1 E. Jackson Blvd., Suite 8300

Phone: (312) 362-1219 

Felicia Richardson-McGee, Director of Advising
Ellen Dawson, Associate Director
Rikki Eul, Assistant Director
Kristina Kim-Crespi, Assistant Director
Karla Brooks​, Receptionist

 ​​​​​​​​​Good times to speak with an advisor:

  • If you have questions about your program evaluation sheet or questions about waivers or transfer credits
  • If you are thinking about changing your concentration or adding a second concentration
  • If you are wondering which courses to take or if a certain course will count towards your degree
  • If you have questions regarding academic programs
  • If you experience changes in your life that may affect your program, such as job change, or medical or family problems
  • In the unlikely event that you have a conflict with a course, professor or grade, an advisor could help you decide your next step

Academic Policies