Kellstadt @ DePaul

Assembling Startups

Read how DePaul's entrepreneurship program helps students minimize the risks involved in starting new ventures.


Kellstadt @ DePaul

Admission Director Shares Application Tips

James Parker, director of recruitment and admission at Kellstadt, offers students tips on applying to business school.​​​


Kellstadt @ DePaul

Using Sales for Good

DePaul sales leadership students turn classroom lessons into a fundraising campaign for a scholarship supporting Chicago Public Schools students. 


Inside Kellstadt​​​


Business Talk

DePaul’s business communication courses use science to teach students the art of communication.

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Refinancing Fallout

DePaul's Institute for Housing Studies predicts trouble on the horizon for refinancers.

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New Graduate Scholarships

Kellstadt offers new scholarships for MS, MBA and international students.

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Scholar of Work-Life Balance

Assistant Professor of Management Alyssa Westring studies women and their careers, sharing her findings in the Harvard Business Review, academic journals and the media. Read how this teacher and scholar is unlocking issues that impact work-life balance for women.

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