The Corporate Finance program will give you a core set of skills in financial modeling, debt and equity issues, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, risk management, financial reporting and analysis, and taxation necessary for corporate finance positions as well as in other careers such as consulting. 
You will develop an understanding of a broad range of financial issues and their effect on firm value and risk.  They include:
  • Analysis of capital investments
  • Intrinsic and relative valuation methods
  • Issues in cost of capital
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Real options
  • Payout policy
  • Initial public offerings and venture capital
  • Agency problems 
  • Asymmetric information
Courses make extensive use of cases to illustrate the application of theory to practical problems and prepare you for positions in:
  • Investment banks and commercial banks
  • Corporate finance, treasury, and business development positions in Fortune 500, midcap and small-cap companies
  • Financial consulting, general management consulting, and corporate strategy roles
  • Financial advisory services such as M&A strategy and advisory, restructuring advisory, debt and capital advisory, restructuring advisory and business modeling; venture capital and private equity firms
  • General management positions