DePaul’s Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is led by distinguished professors with leading-edge research and analytics expertise in a wide range of disciplines. 

Erich C. Dierdorff​

​​Associate Professor of Management
PhD, Industrial Organizational Psychology, 
North Carolina State University 

Research areas
: B
usiness school curricular challenges, improving the effectiveness of individual- and team-level learning, organizational citizenship, contextual factors that affect work analysis, work design and performance effectiveness​.


Marina Girju  

Assistant Professor of Marketing 
PhD, Marketing, University of Texas-Dallas 

Research areas
: Consumer behavior based on consumption data.


Jaclyn Jensen 

Associate Professor of Management 
PhD, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Michigan State University
Research areas: Employee mistreatment, conflict, destructive relationships and hostile work conditions.


Grace Lemmon

Assistant Professor of Management 
PhD, Business Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago
Research areas: Work-life balance and employee engagement.

Melissa Markley

Associate Professor of Marketing

PhD, Marketing, University of Alabama 
Research areas: Self-efficacy and consumer control of retail and service situations; decision processes and risk taking in consumption; goal orientation and attainment strategies; 
compulsive and impulsive behaviors; social responsibility of firms and customers. 


Molly Mercer 

Associate Professor of Accountancy 
PhD, Accounting, University of Texas 

Research areas:
Behavioral financial accounting, psychological influences on investment decisions.​


Robert S. Rubin

Professor of Management 
PhD, Organizational Psychology, Saint Louis University 

Research areas
: Leadership assessment and development, organizational citizenship behavior, graduate management education.