Here you'll find everything you need to successfully navigate the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.

Housing Services

While on-campus housing is not available for graduate students, the DePaul Residence Life Office, located on the Lincoln Park Campus, provides an off-campus resource center.


The primary library resources for the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business are located at the Loop Campus Library on the 10th floor of the DePaul Center.  Extensive holdings are also available at the John T. Richardson Library on the Lincoln Park Campus. DePaul's suburban locations offer online access to these resources. 

Student, Alumni and Professional Organizations

Many student and alumni groups at DePaul offer resources and events for the Kellstadt community. They include:
DePaul MBA Association (MBAA)
DePaul Net Impact (DNI)
DePaul Real Estate Alumni Alliance (DREAA)
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DePaul Real Estate Club
DePaul Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
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DePaul Tax Club
Graduate Economics Club (GEC)
Graduate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (GEO)
Graduate Women in Business (GWB)
Graduate Students for Accounting (GSA)
Kellstadt Consulting Club
Kellstadt Finance Community (KFC)
Kellstadt Marketing Group (KMG)

Kellstadt Q  
Ledger & Quill
Strategy, Execution & Valuation Alumni Association (SEVAA)
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These national business and professional organizations provide information, industry news and networking events: 

Grade Challenges

Kellstadt participates in a university program that permits you to challenge grades received in individual courses by filing a Grade Challenge Form
The details of the grade challenge procedure are described in the DePaul University Student Handbook  Before you file a challenge, please carefully consider whether your challenge meets the criteria  that the Grade Challenge Committee uses to authorize a grade change. The committee has no additional authority.  
The committee also is not an appropriate vehicle for general complaints about a course. To register a complaint, you can:
  • Discuss your concern with the instructor;
  • Discuss the matter with the appropriate department chair;
  • Discuss the matter with a counselor in the Kellstadt office; or
  • Write a letter describing your concern to the dean of the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.
While the actions above will not result in a grade change, please be assured that they will be taken into account in the business school's decision-making.

Additional Resources

News and Events

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