Kellstadt's online recruiting system is FREE and easy to use.
Handshakeis a robust recruiting application with a feature set designed to help us connect you with the right DePaul candidate, build your brand on campus and engage with students.
  • Reach MBA and MS students and alumni for both entry-level and experienced hiring needs.
  • Recruit for planned hiring throughout the year
  • Fill a position for "just in time" hiring or as needs arise
  • Increase visibility of your positions---prior to a recruiting event or on/off-campus interview
  • Increase presence on-campus through events and other engagement opportunities

We recommend posting positions at least 5-8 weeks before the interview process begins.

Resume Database

The resume database allows you to identify candidates for your opportunities and access the resumes of Kellstadt students and alumni. Employers can find and contact students/alumni directly through the system inviting them to apply to specific openings. Start searching the resume databases now by logging into your Handshake account.