Office of International Students and Scholars

The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) provides immigration advising to more than 1,000 non-immigrant students and scholars in F-1 and J-1 visa statuses. OISS is located at DePaul's Loop Campus in the DePaul Center (1 E. Jackson Blvd.). For more information, including hours of operation, visit, call (312) 362-8376 or e-mail ​

English Language Academy

The English Language Academy (ELA) offers a number of workshops and elective courses to help international students gain the language and academic skills needed for university-level degree programs. The ELA is located at DePaul's Loop Campus in the Lewis Building (25 E. Jackson Blvd.). For additional information, visit, call (312) 362-6455 or e-mail​

DePaul International Students Organization

The DePaul International Students Organization (DISO) strives to build relationships between international and American students through a variety of cultural, social and professional events. For more information on how to get involved with DISO, please visit

Cirricular Practical Training and OPtional Practical Training

All international students in F-1 visa status are eligible for curricular practical training (CPT) and optional practical training (OPT) work authorization. CPT and OPT are available for most programs within KGSB. For more information about CPT and OPT, please contact your KGSB advisor.​