Weekend MBA Candidates 





Christine Acheampong

Industry: Manufacturing
Why DePaul MBA: I believe that a DePaul MBA will give me the chance to develop my career beyond engineering and technology.
Undergraduate Degree: University of Bath, England, Mechanical Engineering



Liam Ardagh

Industry: Automotive
Why DePaul MBA: It is essential for my career advancement within BorgWarner.
Undergraduate Degree: Loyola University, Chicago, Bachelor of Business Administration



Nakita Burrell

Industry: Non-Profit
Why DePaul MBA: To broaden my skillset in order to take on more senior roles in Corporate Finance
Undergraduate Degree: Bradley University, B.S. in Accounting



Erick Crump

Industry: Banking
Why DePaul MBA: I want to add to my core skills and business acumen in a familiar environment.
Undergraduate Degree: DePaul University, Chicago, Double Major Finance and Management



Vincent Delgado

Industry: Finance
Why DePaul MBA: Career Enhancement
Undergraduate Degree: University of Illinois at Chicago, Marketing



John Dore

Industry: Financial Services
Why DePaul MBA: Expand my knowledge in management and finance methodologies to further advance my career.
Undergraduate Degree: Illinois Wesleyan University, Business Administration



Michael Fernandez

Industry: Accounting
Why DePaul MBA: To bring together past lessons learned in DePaul's undergraduate program and current professional experiences to build for future success.
Undergraduate Degree: DePaul University, Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Honors Accountancy and Real Estate)



Tyler Hujik

Industry: Finance
Why DePaul MBA: Further development in business industry and community
Undergraduate Degree: University of Dayton, Finance & Economics



Ermina Latic-Selimagic

Industry: Banking
Why DePaul MBA: To broaden my business acumen and gain exposure to different perspectives and business related experiences.
Undergraduate Degree: Northeastern Illinois University, Finance



Samantha Maras

Industry: Healthcare
Why DePaul MBA: Further my knowledge and skills
Undergraduate Degree: Providence College, Health Policy and Management



Steven Miller

Industry: Finance / Accounting
Why DePaul MBA: To develop leadership skills and knowledge so I can assist in the growth and success of a firm.
Undergraduate Degree: Purdue University - Calumet, Bachelor of Science in Management, Finance



Michael O'Shea

Industry: Real Estate Investment
Why DePaul MBA: To advance my career
Undergraduate Degree: Purdue University, Hospitality & Tourism Management



Russell Petersen

Industry: Steel Industry
Why DePaul MBA: To further my knowledge in management and accounting
Undergraduate Degree: Valparaiso University, Finance



Lal Ramchandani

Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods
Why DePaul MBA: Further Develop my business acumen and leadership skills.
Undergraduate Degree: DePaul University, Finance



Christopher Schmitt

Industry: Commercial Real Estate
Why DePaul MBA: To deepen my knowledge, skills, and abilities within my chosen field.
Undergraduate Degree: DePaul University, Bachelor of Arts



Steven Stuart

Industry: Finance
Why DePaul MBA: Expand knowledge & talents, advance career
Undergraduate Degree: DePaul University, BA Business, Operations



Ami Szechinski

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Why DePaul MBA: Career Advancement
Undergraduate Degree: Northwestern University, Chemical Engineering



David Ziegelski

Industry: Oil and Gas
Why DePaul MBA: To provide a key foundation in my ongoing Professional and Leadership Development.
Undergraduate Degree: Northern Illinois University, Accounting