The Master of Science in Sustainabale Management develops students into leaders who can initiate and implement sustainable strategies for responsibly managing an organization's human, social, financial and natural resources.

Through this program, students

  • Learn how to assess, challenge and reframe traditional practices of management through the lens of substainablility.
  • Adopt a systems-thinking perspective for interdisciplinary analysis and decision-making to develop organizational strategies.
  • Gain skills to analyze the way societies and organizations use and value the natural, financial, social and human resources (capital) required to deliver goods and services.
  • Develop the technical competence to account for, connect, and measure the economic, social and environmental impacts of organizational decisions.

Students who have earned or are currently pursuing an MBA may have up to six or their MBA coures count toward the requirements of the MS in Sustainable Management degree depending upon the specific content of the course work and how recently it was completed.

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