Through the Master of Science in Marketing Analysis students acquire competencies in the areas of marketing strategy and tactics; statistical training; and analyzing, interpreting, and applying data.  Employers seek graduates of this program for positions in business analytics, market research, interactive marketing, and other roles in data driven marketing.  They value the integration of marketing skills with technical expertise.  Graduates will be qualified to help develop effective marketing strategies based upon the analysis and interpretation of marketing data.
Individuals with an M.B.A. degree or students currently enrolled in the M.B.A. program may have up to six of their M.B.A. courses count toward the requirements of the Master of Science in Marketing Analysis degree.  The exact number of courses that can be double-counted in this manner depends upon the specific content and age of coursework.
DePaul University’s Master of Science in Marketing Analysis will allow graduates to:
  • Communicate business insights derived from data analysis. 
  • Understand the structure and use of databases.
  • Create marketing strategies based upon high-level data  interpretation.
  • Analyze data to detect trends, exceptions, insights, and opportunities. 
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