Here is what alumni say about the MS in Human Resources degree at DePaul:

Lianna Caro  (MS in Human Resources​ ’15)

Human Resources Specialist, Legal Industry

“If you're interested in a career in HR I would highly recommend the MS in Human Resources program because the curriculum is well rounded and applicable to the real world. In addition, you can expand your network with individuals from different backgrounds and in different fields.”

“I chose the MS in Human Resources program at DePaul because of the curriculum, the excellent faculty and staff, and because I went to DePaul for undergraduate studies and loved it. Everyone at DePaul is willing to help or point you in the direction where you could find help or support."

Nicole Green (MS in Human Resources​ ’15)

Human Resource Administrator, Youth Guidance

“DePaul's MSHR program truly provides students with an excellent foundation for a successful career in Human Resources. I was so impressed by every professor, and I found that each course provided the ability to test and practice the material through relevant projects and case studies.  One aspect of DePaul's MSHR program that was extremely attractive to me was the fact that it is housed within the business school. Business knowledge is crucial for gaining a competitive advantage in modern day HR, and having the opportunity to take such a wide variety of business courses essentially sold me on the program. Additionally, the option for evening classes was ideal since it allowed me to obtain hands-on job experience during the day while completing the program, which I found to be critical for learning transfer."

“The courses I took throughout my MSHR program were directly applicable to the job tasks I was performing daily as a new HR professional. From each course, I gained strategies and tools that were both practical and relevant to my work, and are still useful far beyond the conclusion of the program. The opportunity to supplement my job with classroom learning and discussion surrounding fresh research in the field was extremely beneficial to my career, and allowed me to develop an evidence-based approach to my work.”

Paulina Dunham (MS in Human Resources ’14)

Onboarding and Compliance Specialist,
Baylor Scott & White Health

"One aspect of DePaul’s MS in HR program that has been very important to my career was the service-based learning projects we did as part of our coursework. Coming straight from undergrad to a master’s program, I had no real experience in HR. These projects gave me a way to practice what I had just learned and were a nice bonus to my resume.

"I recommend DePaul’s MSHR program because of the passion that each professor had when teaching a course. Being taught by someone who you know enjoys their work greatly inspires you to learn."

Shiyue Cici Chen (MS in Human Resources ’15) Human Resources Associate, Hudson Legal Group

"First of all, DePaul is influential in Chicago. The alumni network is precious. Through DePaul’s Alumni Sharing Knowledge  (ASK) program, you can get connected with other DePaul alumni. And by having information interviews with them, you can gain rich information about different jobs and career paths. Second, this program provides you opportunities to apply the knowledge you learned in the classroom by completing onsite service-learning projects."

Benjamin Jaehning (MS in Human Resources  ‘14) 

Human Resources Business Partner, Ford Motor Co.

"I chose the DePaul MSHR program for a variety of reasons. The main reason was the ability to simultaneously apply what I’m learning in the classroom to a real-world project that helped the community. 

"Another large factor was the professors. Most have backgrounds in industrial psychology, which was extremely important to me. This background, in my eyes, gave a unique lens as they are experts in the science of human interaction, not simply business professors with experience in HR. The final factor was the flexibility to simultaneously work full time and attend classes on nights and some weekends. This allowed me to immediately apply what I was learning in the classroom to my daily work, as well as reduced the need to increase my student loan debt.

"I would strongly recommend DePaul’s MSHR program due to high caliber professors and the strong curriculum that is continually evolving to meet today and tomorrow’s business needs. Those two factors coupled with the flexibility the of course scheduling, with courses offered nights and weekends it is truly one of the best valued MSHR programs I have seen."