The Master of Accountancy (MACC) prepares students to succeed in an accounting career by acquiring advanced skills that are in high demand, such as internal audit, forensic accounting and accounting information system.  Intended for students with a prior degree in accounting (although students with equivalent credit may be admitted with faculty director approval), the program offers a unique opportunity to earn a graduate degree while simultaneously fulfilling the extra hours needed to sit for the CPA examination.

The program's full-time faculty includes nationally and internationally known scholars and researchers; and its alumni form one of the largest accounting networks in Chicago.  Students graduate with a set of varied competencies, highly valued by the accounting profession. 

The program consists of 12 courses.  The core provides students with advanced courses that provide competencies that are highly valued by the profession.  The set of electives allow students to pursue individual paths based on each student's prior coursework and career aspirations. 

DePaul alumni with a major in accountancy or accountancy honors are waived from the GMAT requirement for admission if they graduated with a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA and a minimum 3.0 accounting GPA.  The accounting GPA consists of all accounting classes taken at DePaul.

Applicants may be admitted without the GMAT if they have the U.S. CPA license or have passed all four sections of the U.S. CPA exam.

Applicants may be admitted without the GMAT based on their prior academic record.  The final determination of the GMAT waiver is made by the faculty program director. 

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