The Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management degree will provide you with the skills necessary to identify and manage the strategic, operational, cyber and financial risks facing firms today. This program is designed for experienced managers who seek to take on greater responsibilities in risk management, and for senior managers, corporate board members, c-suite executives and others with risk oversight responsibility. Graduates of the program emerge well-equipped for strategic planning roles that require proactive decisions to manage risks and protect the value of the enterprise.

This multidisciplinary program incorporates required courses and electives from DePaul’s management, finance and real estate departments, School of Accountancy, Center for Strategy, Execution and Valuation and College of Computing and Digital Media.  This rich curriculum will allow you to tailor your program to your career goals.

In the program, you will gain the knowledge and skills to: 

  • Define and manage various exposures that constitute the overall risk faced by a firm or enterprise.
  • Organize, model and quantify the exposures and risks faced by your organization.
  • Understand how insurance can be employed to avoid risk and protect your organization, and how the insurance market is structured and regulated.
  • Calculate the effects of risks and exposures on the value of the firm or enterprise.
  • Analyze how corporate governance structures relate to risk management processes. 

Job opportunities for risk officers are growing as organizations become increasingly concerned about the potential impact that strategic, operational, financial and cyber risks can have on the enterprise in today’s uncertain world.  Board members of DePaul’s Arditti Center for Risk Management review the program’s curriculum regularly to ensure that it reflects the skills and knowledge sought in industry and provide students with access to career opportunities.