​The current work environment requires managers to know what, how and why changes occur. They also need to have the ability to develop creative solutions to challenging problems in order to be competitive.

The Leadership and Change Management program is designed to help managers overcome compartmentalized, learn functional decision-making approaches, as well as capitalize on innovative opportunities and address multidisciplinary problems that are inevitable in all businesses. The Leadership and Change Management program is also useful for those seeking a career in management consulting.

In the Leadership and Change Management program, you will develop skills in:

  • Diagnosing problem areas and opportunities within your organization
  • Implementing change models to increase organizational effectiveness
  • Creating a vision for change
  • Assessing yourself as a leader
  • Applying creative principles to business problems
  • Setting an innovative climate for performance
  • Implementing successful quality management programs
  • Negotiating effectively in situations at all levels
  • Managing technology in competitive global environments

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