​DePaul’s Entrepreneurship program is an internationally recognized, award-winning program designed for students who are preparing to start their own businesses or who are managing innovative processes in established firms. 
 The Entrepreneurship program will provide you with the skills and abilities needed to:

  • Think creatively and generate new business ideas
  • Develop your business idea through market analysis
  • Write a business plan
  • Assess your entrepreneurial leadership skills
  • Implement successful growth strategies
  • Build an entrepreneurial spirit within established firms
  • Consult for local businesses
  • Interact directly with entrepreneurs and innovators

The Entrepreneurship program is based on life-cycle issues of changing firms (pre-venture, start-up, growth and maturity), spin-offs, and team and leadership issues. All courses are based on real-life and live case studies. The curriculum includes interrelated courses and learning experiences that focus on how to deal with complex and ill-defined management issues across functional business areas.​​

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