“Ideas worth spreading.”  That’s the theme of TED, the popular conference that features talks by intriguing thought leaders, and TEDx, self-organized events that bring people together to share TED-like experiences.

DePaul University recently organized its own TEDx event featuring a dozen professors who shared their ideas through thought-provoking talks. Each professor gave an address of 18 minutes or less on the subject of “What must be done?” The theme was inspired by the St. Vincent de Paul quote, “It is not enough to do. It must be done well.”

Associate Professor of Management Alyssa Westring was among the DePaul TEDx speakers. In her talk, titled “The Secret Life of a Work-Life Insider,” Westring discusses her personal experience with finding work-life balance and how it influences her research on this subject.

View a video​ of Westring’s TEDx DePaul presentation.