A campus visit led William Moss, a financial analyst, to consider attending graduate business school at DePaul. But it didn’t take long for Moss, now president of DePaul’s MBA Association, to make the​​​​​ Loop Campus his academic home. As a student studying finance and real estate investment in the part-time MBA program, Moss explains how the flexibility of DePaul’s business program supports his professional and higher education endeavors.

Why did you choose DePaul?

William Moss: There were several items that helped me choose DePaul. I came and visited the campus before being enrolled and just loved the downtown location for a business school. It just seemed to provide so much potential to career-minded individuals, while also providing a convenient location. 

Many people talk about the uniqueness of DePaul experience. Could you describe the DePaul experience in your own words?

My DePaul experience has been an incredible journey. I relocated to Chicago from Michigan to come to DePaul University. I became extremely active in all the opportunities DePaul offered outside of the classroom. This ranged from utilizing the mentor program offered by the real estate department to eventually becoming the president of our MBA Association (the DePaul business school’s student and alumni organization).

Why did you choose the part-time MBA program? 

I choose the part-time MBA program so that I could have the flexibility to look for employment and be active in extra-curricular activities.

What’s the best aspect of being a graduate student at DePaul?

Our network of alumni is an incredible asset! I have met numerous alumni who are more than willing to help you accomplish your goals, while creating great camaraderie with current students in class and outside of class. I have really enjoyed my time at DePaul University.

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