The results of DePaul University’s Class of 2014 career outlook survey, plus more recruiting activity on campus, show positive employment trends for Kellstadt Graduate School of Business alumni.  

Eighty-six percent of graduates who received their master’s degree from the college are either employed or enrolled in continuing education. Employment or enrollment in continuing education, such as another graduate or PhD program, are considered successful career outcomes, according to National Association of Colleges and Employers, which charts college graduate employment statistics nationwide.

Hinton says the career outlook is bright for graduating students because employers are recruiting at a much higher rate and are posting more job opportunities for graduates and internships for students.

“We can see that employers are hiring more people at a faster pace,” says Christa Hinton, assistant dean and director of the Kellstadt Career Management Center (KCMC). “Employers are buoyed by the economy and are optimistic about what’s happening.” 

Survey Documents Student Career Success

Data for the annual survey is collected in a variety of ways. Alumni  in the Class of 2014 are surveyed up to six months after graduation and their job placement is confirmed. The survey asks graduates their employment status, whether their employment is in their field of study, as well as the sector or industry in which they are employed.

Some highlights of the survey of Kellstadt graduates include:

  • 97 percent of master’s degree recipients are in full-time roles related to their degree
  • 91 percent of students majoring in accountancy were employed
  • 88 percent of students who majored in economics are employed

Also of note are strong hiring trends in data analytics. Hinton says employer attendance at her Kellstadt’s annual data analytics career night has jumped from 20 employers in 2014 to 40 in 2015. Other areas with strong hiring trends include consumer insights in marketing, economics and computational finance.

“There’s a huge demand for any type of data analysis and that will not go away,” Hinton says. “That’s only going to increase.”

Relationships Spur Career Connections

The KCMC, which is located on the 8th floor of the DePaul Center on the Loop Campus, helps students and alumni in a variety of ways. The office focuses on building relationships with employers who want to recruit DePaul students.

“We find ways that the employer feels comfortable interacting with our students and we make that happen,” says Hinton.

For students, Hinton says Handshake, the new career services system at DePaul, is helping students connect more easily with career services. Handshake lists recruiting events, allows students to sign up for appointments with career counselors and is the central hub for all career services at the university.

In addition, KCMC staffers are adept at creating a good strategy for students who are charting their career paths. For example, Hinton says, a recent student who was an engineer enrolled in Kellstadt, but was interested in a career shift to marketing or human resources. 

The student came to the KCMC for guidance and counselors created a plan for him to do networking with alumni in both industries. After meeting with alumni and visiting various employers, the student ended up in the human resources field. 

“We aim to please,” Hinton says. “We’re very good at helping people chart their career path and develop strategies so that they can succeed after graduation.”

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